My name is Rebecca Zimmerle. I'm from Loveland High School, and at the time of this project, 16 years old. This website documents the research project I was privileged to be a part of, along with Julia Torline, thanks to the Frontiers of Science Institute summer camp at the University of Northern Colorado in 2014. I welcome you to explore and learn what I've learned through a conversational version of my research paper.

Snakes? Venom? PLA2? What?

If you dive straight into my research descriptions, you may find yourself quite lost. I encourage you to have patience and check out our snakes, the anatomy of snake venom, and a description of PLA2s before going further. After that and checking out my abstract/intro, method/procedureresults/conclusion, and pictures, please be sure to educate yourself on FSI and the many others I owe this experience to. You can also check out my presentation and sources.


Backgroud Material